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Maryland Mediation Attorney

The mediation process is an alternative dispute process that can happen both outside of court, or during the litigation process. Often, clients decide to try mediation to see if they can resolve their issues without going through the expense and emotional turmoil of litigation. However, parties involved in litigation can always also utilize mediation during the litigation process to try to resolve their issues before trial. When both parties choose to mediate, a third-party mediator sits down with both parties, and often their counsel, to try to help resolve their family law issues by helping the parties find settlement options that work best for their family. The mediator is a third -party neutral and not a decision-maker. The mediator helps the parties find common ground and can also draft an agreement or mediated term sheet for the parties. If you and your spouse agree to mediate or have already engaged a mediator, Tracey can serve as your attorney and mediation coach, where she will help you generate settlement options and guide you through the mediation process.

The Law Office of Tracey L Perrick takes pride in our devotion to understanding your needs and objectives. Our Howard County Family Law Attorneys have a proven track record of advocating our clients’ rights during all phases of the divorce process, negotiations, and court appearances. We have experience with Maryland divorce and our Howard County lawyers are familiar with the intricacies of the Maryland Family Courts. Let us help you!